Saturday, November 8, 2008

I went Swimming!

Me and my whole family went for a swim today.. Im so Happy, i love swimming..

Daddy and Mummy bought me a yellow lifejacket.. Its realli good, i realised i can swim faster now and i don't need to kick tat hard to keep afloat now!! ooh.. i love waters..

Grandma and Grandpa are waiting for me under a shade.. Daddy, Mummy and Aunt kept me company in the sea!

Me at the sea.. Haha

I have a New Friend! A Small Westie

One day, Daddy suddenly brought a friend home.. The friend actually had a small baby Westie in his Bag.. I made a new friend, and his name is Schnuppi! Thou he's too small to play, i still enjoyed chasing him and slamming my paw at him. haha
Watch me play with Schnuppi the Westie

Childhood Days Part 3 - 1st Photo-shoot

I went for my first-ever photo-shoot after leaving my kennel for about 2 weeks. I could sense that i was going back to my birthplace as i could sniff out the smell after getting out of the car. I was so excited to see all my siblings again!!! I really miss all the 7 of them so much.... =( we were running around everywhere with our new parents and tails were wagging so badly. We were actually there for a photo-shoot! oh my god, i hate to take photos... daddy and mummy has been trying to take a lot of photos of me at home already. They really look so dumb and stupid calling out my name so many times and asking me to look at them every time. I wonder what's there to see looking through a camera hole?!!! @@ I just can't be bothered at all, not even for today. I just want to play with my siblings =p

The rest of my siblings started taking photos first. Gosh! They took so long and they really just stood there with a bunch of stupid humans making funny faces in front of them, trying to make them smile. When it's my turn, haha!, i don't care. I just want to run around sniffing everywhere and play with my siblings. I can't stand still at all so don't force me! =(

See my cheeky face, hopping around =x

It's not fair that my sisters all had a dress to wear and we guys have nothing! My sisters have Minnie Mouse dress to wear =( why is that we guys have nothing and just naked? And they were quite despicable too. They gave me soft toy to stop my rebellion and stop me from running around.

The temporary giraffe toy that distracted me

After all the hassle and commotion, they decided to let my sister to take a photo with me. Yay!!! Hurray!!! At least i won't feel so bored. My sister's name is called Prema! Her parents are Indians so maybe that's why she has quite a unique name i guess. She's the sister that i'm closest to because i always get to play with her more often when i was still at the kennel.

Me and my sister Prema

Finally it's the last segment! Family photo. Lucky my parents are quite photogenic and they didn't take too long to have some nice pictures. It was really so tired taking all these pictures. I just slept my way through the whole journey home, even after reaching home, i continue to sleep. What a tiring day.... Argh!~!~

My daddy, mummy, and me

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Childhood days Part 2

Finally on Xmas Day, 25 Dec 2006 is the day i can finally go home with Mummy and Daddy.. Tell you about my 1st Car ride, mummy carried me and Daddy driving, i got so curious sniffing here and there in the car, in the end i felt so giddy almost vomitted.. -_-"

I Went to live with Mummy first.. Here's the little house Daddy and Mummy set up for me.. Laid the newspaper all over, dirty my paws..

Me exploring my New House and Drinking from my BIG water bowl!

The Giddy Car ride makes me tired.. Sleeping on Daddy and Mummy's old T-shirt

Me sleeping on My pillow!!

In the middle of the night, i woke up and realised im all alone in my little house. I suddenly miss my brothers and sisters very much.. i started crying and crying the whole night.. I cried until i tired, then i drank some water rest a while, after tat i started crying again..
The next morning, i saw Mummy coming out of her room with dark eye circles under her eyes, dunno y she's looking so tired but im stil happy to see her! The moment she got out of my sight i started crying and barking again.. I just hate being alone!

Childhood days Part 1

I was born in a Petshop at Lim Chu Kang. My Birth Dad is called Rowen and he is really good looking, a handsome show dog who had won many awards.. My Birth Mum is a pretty babe too, and her name is Bronze.. Im the eldest with 7 other siblings..
The Cute Little Me at About 1 mth old

Me and my Mummy

My 1st Yawn time with Mummy

Me and my Daddy

Im still too small and young, cant go home with Daddy & Mummy.. Thou they always come and visit me but i reali miss daddy and mummy when they are gone.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today is my birthday!!!

Today is my birthday!
My 2 year old birthday. I'm so happy today because daddy, mummy, and aunt brought me out to a bakery and got me muffins, cookies, and my specially designed birthday cake =) I waited 4 hours for the chance to eat it.

Here's me and my birthday cake

Why is it such a small cake? I'm so huge!

Too bad grandpa and grandma are not around if not it would be even merrier but i know they love me =) Dad, mum and aunt took a lot of pictures and videos of me with them and they sang me a birthday song.

Me and my Mummy =p

Me and my Daddy =)

Me and my Aunt =p

Watch this Video! Daddy Mummy singing me Birthday Song. :D

I'm so happy that i ate up my cake in 10 minutes! I licked all the whip-cream first, and then slowly enjoy the cake. My nose and mouth is covered with whip-cream but that was not enough. Thereafter, i ate my lamb muffin. It tasted so good! =p

After that, i got my new birthday toy. It's a strawberry bone squeaky toy =) Aunt's friends came a while later. They bought a packet of chicken jerky and another toy for me. It's a ball! I love balls! Balls are my favorite toys. This ball that aunt's friend just bought has a flashy red light ball hidden in it. As i chew, shake, n kick it, the light will start flashing.

These are my presents =p

My cookies!!!

That's the end of my wonderful birthday celebration for today. I can finally rests and sleep already haha...